Featured Customer: The Home Expedition, Running The Silk Road

Kevin Lin with fellow Running the Sahara teammates Ray Zahab and Charlie Engle competing at Gobi March 2006.

In April 2011, Kevin Lin and three other runners set off from Istanbul, Turkey, to run the length of the ancient Silk Road, with the aim of reaching Xi'an in China on 17 September. The team with their support crew will race from Turkey through Iran, then onto Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan before crossing into China.

Kevin is a superstar and national hero in Taiwan, an ultra-runner who has to disguise himself when out in public if he doesn't want to be mobbed by fans. Kevin was also crowned the inaugural champion of RacingThePlanet's 4 Deserts Series in 2006, of which Expedition Foods is now a partner.

Kevin gained international recognition when he ran across the Sahara with Ray Zahab and Charlie Engle to highlight the issues of water shortages around the world and in support of H20 Africa. The team completed the 7500km route in 111 days with the journey immortalized in the documentary film Running the Sahara which was produced by James Moll and Matt Damon.

This time Kevin has set his team an even greater challenge - 9000km in 150 days.

The aim is once again to highlight issues surrounding water resources and sustainability and Kevin is running with two Mainland Chinese athletes in an historic cooperative expedition between the China and Taiwan.

The team has currently run through Turkey and Iran, and on day 61 they have already completed a total of 3922km, running 74km today. Quite astonishing.

They are currently in Turkmenistan, and you can follow their progress here.

The team have taken 300 Expedition Foods meals with them -- although the support crew includes cooks and fresh food is being used for the athletes, the team wanted to ensure they were getting the right number of calories per day, and that they had a food source they could rely on.

To find out more about the expedition, you can visit their website at www.thehomeexpedition.org

They are also making good use of Facebook and you can keep up to date with their progress at www.facebook.com/Thehomeexpedition

We're hoping to catch up with Kevin and the team later in the expedition and find out how they like the meals.


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