Emergency Uses


Emergency Uses

Be prepared.  Not just the motto of Boy Scouts across the world, but foremost in Sun Tzu's ancient treatise The Art of War. But are you prepared for an emergency?

Whether it’s extreme weather events like hurricanes, typhoons or blizzards and flooding that can leave you for days without power or access to shops, or natural disasters likes earthquakes, bushfires or tsunamis that mean you have to evacuate in short order, being prepared for an emergency is the responsibility of every householder.

Our Expedition Foods meals are not just for use in endurance races, expeditions and other outdoor activities when you find yourself far from civilisation and in need of convenient and nutritious sustenance. They are also the perfect choice for emergency rations.

Food spoilage is caused by bacteria that must have water and oxygen to survive and proliferate. The process of freeze drying food removes up to 99% of its constituent water, and the food is then vacuum packed with an oxygen absorbing sachet. This processing and packaging leads to freeze dried foods having the longest shelf life of any type of preserved foods, better than tinned or packaged wet food.

By definition emergencies happen out of the blue and it's important to have contingency supplies laid down. Various NGOs and government agencies have recommendations for the area you live in, but everyone should think about having a grab bag in their house for evacuation, their car in case of getting stranded, and on their property for when you might be cut off from normal communications.

Storing emergency food and a camp-stove or even a candle and matches to hand so you can keep yourself and your family fed often means that a disaster doesn't have to be dangerous. 

Why choose Expedition Foods?

  • 5-year shelf life.
  • High protein and high energy meals, but low in simple sugars so no energy spikes.
  • Resealable packets. Un-rehydrated meals will keep for up to 7 days after opening.
  • Two different serving sizes.
  • Takes just 3-5 minutes to rehydrate in hot water.
  • Can rehydrate with cold water over a longer period of time if necessary.
  • Convenient packet size.
  • Lightweight packets and best calorie to weight ratio on the market.

At Expedition Foods we’ve put together convenient ration packs that will keep you fed from 24 hours up to a year.  Take a look at all the options on offer for our Ration Packs, and if you require any advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@expeditionfoods.com.

What are Expedition Foods meals used for?

Polar Expeditions / Mountaineering / Sailing / Ocean Rowing / Hiking / Camping / Kayaking / Ultramarathons / Marathons /Triathlons / Cycling / Film Crew / Emergency Workers / Humanitarian Relief / Travel

Preferred by competitors of the 4 Deserts Series, Marathon des Sables, Volvo Ocean Race, Atlantic Rowing Race, and other world-class sporting events.

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